by Rachel Ann Nunes
3 books Status: Completed

The first book in this series actually splits into two different series. After the first book, Rebekka's continuing series ties back into the Ariana Perrault family and eventually tells the story of Ariana's sons.

Rebekka #1

This Time Forever

In this life-affirming tale of faith, Mickelle and Rebekka search for love and a place in the world as they grapple with marital heartbreak, homesickness, and wrenching choices—while also finding joy in grace and God. With over 250 five-star reviews on Amazon.

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Rebekka #2

Ties that Bind

Rebekka Massoni and Marc Perrault have waded through thousands of miles of separation and years of uncertainty about their true feelings for one another. When Marc’s ongoing health problems become serious, he urges Rebekka to find a life with someone else. Can she try to find happiness with another?

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Rebekka #3

Twice in a Lifetime

When tragedy strikes, Rebekka struggles to somehow find the will to go on—to live without the one person she thought she could never live without. But will her determination to hold onto the past prevent her from finding happiness?

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